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Detailed Picture w/ BG
Each character you ADD to the picture is 70 :points:
Price of your banner varies according to amount of complicity.
A head-shot of one of your characters. Price varies within detail.
Shaded/Detailed Body Picture
A shaded and/or detailed body picture of a OC etc.
Line Art
Lines of a drawing of your choice, done by me. Price varies with the simplicity of the request.

Newest Deviations

[WToA] Wrath of the Gods by MikoMan909 [WToA] Wrath of the Gods :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 4 5 WToA Sketchesss by MikoMan909 WToA Sketchesss :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 8 9 TP Cover by MikoMan909 TP Cover :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 2 0
Fire!! {WToA}
Screams rang through the air as smoke rose clearly from the outer trees that seperated the fields and forest in Spokane Territory. Kaedo quickly got to his feet as he rushed out of his den. His eyes widened as he saw the deadly flames lick the sky as the fire tore mercilessly close.. Fear gripped the Sanek as he bounded down from his ledge, wolves running this way and that as chaos broke loose.
"Everybody get to the river!" He bellowed, eyes darting this way and that. Smoke set low like a fog over the camp as the fire got nearer with each second. Kaedo paced around the camp, making sure that the older wolves were aided by the younger as he urged them away, instinctively feeling the urge to stay until he knew that each wolf had escaped the Densite.
"The Whelping Dens!"
The cry broke the air, dragging dread at Kaedo's heart as he remembered the dens that held the mothers and their helpless young. Was it too late?
"You three!" He barked, attention turning to three males as their
:iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 6 5
Kaedo Hypo Pup Meme by MikoMan909 Kaedo Hypo Pup Meme :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 4 12
{RP} A Mission is Due..
Kaedo - MikoMan909
Skol - PerkeleCrow
The Cave of Stars
Spokane Territory
Kaedo's golden eye glowed in the din light of the Cave of Stars, watching the walls quietly as they stared at the markings that left the stories of Spokane's ancestors, if Yah's guidance to the 'Children of the Sun'.. His eyes glistened with tears, as they always did when he came. So much had happened, was happening.
The tan male drew forth a quiet sigh, forcing back the sadness and grief, the tears. This was now. No matter how much he had the nightmares, he had to focus on the present.
It was Spring, now. A new season, where life sprang forth from the earth in witness to Yah's goodness and Mercy. Pups were being born, new lives in Spokane were being brought forth. He smiled, closing his eyes.
"Thank you.." He whispered reverently, tail tip twitching.
At last, a new Korim had been announced to take the previous's place. Skol, a diligent female that had come to th
:iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 4 2
Kaedo Gender-Swap Meme by MikoMan909 Kaedo Gender-Swap Meme :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 5 7 Agahzi Humanization Meme by MikoMan909 Agahzi Humanization Meme :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 2 2 Agahzi Coin by MikoMan909 Agahzi Coin :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 6 4 Kaedo Coin by MikoMan909 Kaedo Coin :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 4 4 *New* Kaedo by MikoMan909 *New* Kaedo :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 5 4
The Cave of Stars..
Kaedo padded silently out of the cover of trees as he made his way to the grey-speckled formation ahead, looming like an ominous shadow against the rising sun.
He hadn't had the nightmares for at least a week now, much to his surprise. No, his sleep had been like that of a quick blink of an eye as he restlessly dozed. But last night he had the dream again, but this time it seemed to terrify him above the others.. The attack.. Always did it replay in his clouded vision. He couldn't seem to escape it..
Except for here.
The cooling flow of air washed over his tan form as he reached the entrance. Kaedo exhaled slowly, eyes closing as he stood there for but a few moments. Then he opened them, his paws treading almost carefully, as if an indifferent step would destroy the calm serenity about him. His paws felt the groves of those who had come here before him. Bright glows flashed on the ceiling of the cave and its walls.
The Cave of Stars.
He sat down, his eyes staring, watching, waiting.
:iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 1 0
The Hunter by MikoMan909 The Hunter :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 6 4
WToA Interview 1
Tagged by @Soyola-Sylversist
She asked me to do Kaedo, an I thought I'd do Kaedo and Agahzi.
1. What is your real name, what does is mean, and what is your nickname?
Kaedo- "No. I prefer to not have a nickname either.
Agahzi- "No, and it shouldn't concern you either."
2. How old are you?
Kaedo- "I'm about the age of 6 years."
Agahzi- "What, can't tell?"
3. What's you're favorite food?
Kaedo- "Food is food, it doesn't matter much to me what it is."
Agahzi- "Deer."
4. How about your favorite drink?
Kaedo- "Water of course."
Agahzi- "Water?"
5. Who's your lover?
Kaedo- *snort* "I have none. Now don't  ask again."
6. Have you kissed someon?
Kaedo- "Yes."
Agahzi- "Wha-?!"
7. Who was your childhood sweetheart?
Kaedo- *looks away* "I'd prefer not to discuss that topic."
Agahzi- "Childhood- what in the name of the gods are you talking about?" >:(
8. Who's your favorite author?
Kaedo- "Author?"
Agahzi- *facepalm*
9. What's your biggest fear?
Kaedo- "I fear the dangers of my family, my Trib
:iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 1 2
2017 WToA Winter Bi'atini Coin by MikoMan909 2017 WToA Winter Bi'atini Coin :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 4 3 [WToA] Signs of Winter by MikoMan909 [WToA] Signs of Winter :iconmikoman909:MikoMan909 4 6


Home- Page 39 by Johan-N Home- Page 39 :iconjohan-n:Johan-N 759 213 The Realm of Kaerwyn Issue 10 Page 34 by JakkalWolf The Realm of Kaerwyn Issue 10 Page 34 :iconjakkalwolf:JakkalWolf 39 13 Rooftop (SEPTICPLIER) - [PAGE 67] by MariaMediaHere Rooftop (SEPTICPLIER) - [PAGE 67] :iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 871 620 Home- Page 34 by Johan-N
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Home- Page 34 :iconjohan-n:Johan-N 615 412
[DoC] || Heyday || Mother's Day by Chewtora [DoC] || Heyday || Mother's Day :iconchewtora:Chewtora 14 13 Img 2274 by SalamanDra-S Img 2274 :iconsalamandra-s:SalamanDra-S 177 8 AMARITH - Page 12 by Eredhys AMARITH - Page 12 :iconeredhys:Eredhys 319 58 Reflections (Connor) by sunsetagain Reflections (Connor) :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 226 15 AC Reflections (Edward) by sunsetagain AC Reflections (Edward) :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 181 8 Home- Page 121 by Johan-N Home- Page 121 :iconjohan-n:Johan-N 782 328 Home- Page 7 by Johan-N Home- Page 7 :iconjohan-n:Johan-N 1,209 322
The prince and the princess
Featuring characters:
Zara :iconFloatyPotato:
Damir :iconLibertas268:

The rain pounded down on Zara's back as she walked through the Neutral Grounds. There was no way she was going to get back to Spokane before dawn.. And definitely not in this rain.
Her bright eyes looked around as she paused, searching for some kind of shelter. She wasn't even near the more rocky parts of the mountains, so a cave wasn't likely..
She squinted at a dark formation ahead, hope springing in her bones as she realized it was a group of new pines. She broke into a trot as she eagerly made her way to the shelter.
It didn't take long for Zara to reach the pine trees. It smelled nice though.. The rain and the pine. Se shook te water from her fur and with a huff she laid down on the soft bed of needles and grass, her mind elsewhere.

It was a really strong rain today... Damir was left the territory to clear his mind. The earthquake was finished and the pups of Rayen and h
:iconlibertas268:Libertas268 4 5
Chibi Arthur Artdoll OOAK  by SPoppet Chibi Arthur Artdoll OOAK :iconspoppet:SPoppet 72 6 SketchRequest2 by FourFires SketchRequest2 :iconfourfires:FourFires 4 3 .:Gentle sunset:. AT by CopiaTheWolf .:Gentle sunset:. AT :iconcopiathewolf:CopiaTheWolf 69 16
{RP} Small Words, Many Thoughts
Zara played by FloatyPotato
Agahzi played by MikoMan909

Paws thrummed the ground in a rhythmic pattern as Zara ran through the Neutral Grounds, her mind fogged as that was all she did.
What was happening?
Illness was breaking out in the tribe, even the Sanek Kaedo had fallen sick! And as much as she had been helping Skol gather herbs and the like, Zara had been feeling the pull to get out, to run..
Her pace quickened, dirt flying at the sudden burst. A flock of pigeons suddenly lighted to the air as she disrupted their rest in the tall grass, earning a few angry twitters and pecks, of which she didn't heed as much..
But neither did she use he nose through and through, which would have been a great deal to unearth the scent getting closer.
Agahzi's feet dragged as he trudged through Zhawan Territory, eyes dull with the lack of sleep he'd had. After all, who could get sleep with the realization of Spring? He sneezed.
Yes. Lovely Sprin
:iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 2 2



MikoMan909's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Mark | 17 | Male | United States

Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Welcome to my profile!

I hope you some-what enjoy my art, and if you think there is something you would fix, I am always open for advice and correction.

I enjoy drawing nature and animals, and do both digital and traditional art. I also enjoy writing and literature, and will participate in role play if it happens to catch my interest.

You could say I am a book-addict, being that I like to read 24-7. Okay, a bit of sarcasm but you know what I mean.

I prefer not to draw, read, or write anything having to do with magic such as goblins, dragons, etc. I've always preferred more of the realistic type, along with the my strong beliefs.

Any-who, I hope you enjoyed viewing my art and profile, and have a wonderful day~

Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-LehreOCs Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Miko Icon by MikoMan909
RowanStar Icon by MikoMan909 DarkFang Icon by MikoMan909 Wix Icon by MikoMan909 ReedPool Icon by MikoMan909
Silas Icon by MikoMan909 Ahan icon by MikoMan909 Kohnaan Icon by MikoMan909 Peta icon by MikoMan909 Kaedon Icon by MikoMan909
Korren Icon by MikoMan909 Alice Icon by MikoMan909 Nimmy Icon by MikoMan909 Rohvanion Icon by MikoMan909

Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

____To-Do List____

:bulletblack: Work on "the promise" page1
:bulletblack: Finish RP Trackers
:bulletblack: Finish ref sheets for OCs.

Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Partnerz and Budz:
:iconsnow909: :iconbeetlethebugassassin: :iconmassacrearts: :iconnitty-kitty:


:iconsiphiri: :iconjohan-n: :iconmassacrearts: :iconclimbtothestars: :iconchiakiro: :iconsalamandra-s: :iconwildwoodwanderer:


Role Play Groups:

:iconseason-of-white: :iconthekouma: :iconthe-clans-domain: :iconwolf-tribes-of-ahki::iconunited-we-standrp:



[WToA] Wrath of the Gods
About time I finished this...
Agahzi's piece for the plague/sickness in Zhawan. Don't know yet how he gets healed, but...

Ya. He knows they did something bad. Or at least he thinks so.

Agahzi and Art (c) Me
WToA Sketchesss
Well, I needed inspiration for making TP pages and Agahzi's response to the illness, so I asked some members in Discord to give me their characters to sketch.

Renora (c) MCElementStone
Ashka (c) WildwoodWanderer
Panlin (c) @Lissika
Nanye (c) AxesAndFoxes

Aaand then some random doodles because I don't know there was blank spots :shrug:


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All and every point donated is greatly gratified! I promise you that it will be used wisely.

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