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May I draw your characters?
Thats very thoughtful of you to want to draw my characters :) You may draw them as long as you give credit, and I would love to see when you're done! I might even give you a thank-you sketch ;)

Can I be part of the Soapies Team?
Currently this is a personal group project, so 'joinings' would not be open to others

Can you join my group?
As of now I'm not looking to join any groups, but if you would like feel free to ask for ideas and help, and I wouldn't mind taking a peek!

What program do you use? What device?
I use the free app IbisPaint, on a something tablet (I'm not going to remember, unfortunately that's not how my brain works)

May I repost your art?
Only if it is for the purpose of sharing, and make sure you give the proper credit such as a mention or a link back. For those of you who don't: I'm going to find out eventually, and ask you to take it down, so please respect the copy-right. I don't want to have to water-mark my art.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Mark | 18 | Male | United States

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Welcome to my profile!

I hope you some-what enjoy my art, and if you think there is something you would fix, I am always open for advice and correction.

I enjoy drawing nature and animals, and do both digital and traditional art. I also enjoy writing and literature, and will participate in role play if it happens to catch my interest.

You could say I am a book-addict, being that I enjoy to read 24-7. Okay, a bit of sarcasm but you know what I mean.

I prefer not to draw, read, or write anything having to do with magic such as goblins, dragons, etc. I've always preferred more of the realistic type, along with the my strong beliefs.

Any-who, I hope you enjoyed viewing my art and profile, and have a wonderful day~

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-People I Know and Inspirations-
:iconsnow909: :iconbeetlethebugassassin: :iconmassacrearts: :iconnitty-kitty:
:iconsiphiri: :iconclimbtothestars: :iconchiakiro: :iconsalamandra-s: :icongabrielledelyon:

LDS_04 by AkumiIrako



TCD Clan of Breeze Map
The Ridge: A significant post, with a small tree at the top. Some say you can see all the way to the territory of the Guild from here.

Training Grounds: It is here that the youth are trained. 

The Spring: A plentiful spring that normally lasts the entire year. The clan's main water source.

TCD Nuria Application


Preferred methods of RP:
Notes | Google Docs | Discord

"Actions can speak much louder than that of words.."

 RP Example:
*May vary with partner*

Nuria silenced the crowd with a wave of his tail, his golden eyes shimmering eerily in the dawn light. He waited until the tense crowd quieted before speaking from where he stood on a low branch of one of the trees surrounding the clan camp, watching the cat he had known as a brother. A coldness gripped him.. So cold he no longer felt the feirce burning pain in his ear.

"Wasp, you have preformed treason within our ranks by luring three wolves through our territory in an attempt to kill cats in the clan. Because of this act, Seri, a loyal member of the Dawn and daughter of our father, the Kohar Akon and his mate Ria, lost her life to their jaws." Murmurs of apprehension rippled through the gathered cats. "Though the beasts were chased off, despite the risk to other cats in the clan, you yourself attacked me, on an attempt at my life." The red male paused, studying Wasp, who watched him with hatred.
"For this act, I, Nuria, Kohar of the Clan of Dawn, sentence you to death at sun-high."

With a small nod to the bystanding warriors he watched his brother taken away before landing on solid ground, the cats in the clearing dispersing into discussion as the prisoner was led away.  


Name: Nuria

Nickname/Titles: The Kohar | Sir |

Age: Adult - 4 years

Gender: Male


Appearance descriptionNuria carries a firmly set appearance, with thick red fur and golden eyes that seem to peer into one's thoughts. Of good height and a sturdy build, he perfectly fits the Dawn's terrain. His scent can be identified as a mixture of mint, sap, and dry mud. Has a cut ear from his brother when he was younger. Partial tabby pattern on his fur with tan underbelly. Dull pink-colored nose, pads, and inner ears. Do to a wound when he was younger, a slight limp can be detected in Nuria’s back leg if he his pushed for too long without rest. This limp will likely increase as he gets older.

Voice: --


Clan: Clan of Dawn

Rank: Leader



Loyal | Vigilent/Observant | Refined | Heeding
Demanding of obedience

Cautious | Mysterious | Protective

Detailed description: When it comes to a challenge of loyalty, Nuria is likely to win it. He will risk just about everything, even his life, to protect Dawn and it's traditions and culture. Because of this, he takes insult to the clan of high importance, and can be even overly protective over the Clan of Dawn. But this doesn't mean he lets his own go. He demands presise obedience, though he can be heeding and is one to listen before speaking. Nuria is very vigilant and observative, and is the first to notice things others normally wouldn't. To others not in the Clan of Dawn he can come off as questionable and mysterious with his silent but demanding nature. He seems to be in the right places at the right time, and yet can fade as the morning mist. Some may find him almost as an eeri figure not to be trusted, something that may prove against him in the future. The Dawn leader is always cautious with strangers and decisions, wanting to do only what he believes is the best. While he may noto come off directly as hostile, as interogative as he can get may seem as such..

Strengths: Observant | Thick fur | Loyal

Weaknesses: Weak hind leg | Extreme Heat | 


Likes: Communing with the clan | Trout | Heights

Dislikes: Hot days | Humans/related | Disloyalty



Detailed Overview: 

 The Kohar Akon and his mate Ria had been blessed with two sons and a daughter, all strong and healthy as the season was plentiful in abundance of prey and fair weather. Wasp, Nuria, and Sira. They were welcomed with joy by the clan. By tradition, Wasp, the bigger of them, was named to take Akon's place as Kohar when the time came, Nuria following suite should anything happen, and their sister Sira to stand by as their beloved sister. The three of them were very close, nearly inseperable as littermates. They grew quickly in the ways of the clan, however, and quickly took up the determination to prove themselves. Nuria was quick to notice and understand things, and nothing felt better to him than when his father was truly proud of him. He stayed alongside the Kohar as he cared for his duties, and the youth took in the things he could learn like fresh water to a dry mouth, along with Wasp. He found himself almost longing to take Akon's place instead of his brother, but knowing he had to obey the tradition Nuria quickly suppressed the wanting, letting it fade satisfied that the relationship between him and his siblings was firm.

He never would have thought, however, that could change as it did..
As the young continued to grow, nobody could help but notice the darkness growing between Wasp and Akon, and it startled Nuria. One day Wasp came to him and Sira, proposing a way they could make Ria and Akon very proud of them, and help the clan while doing it. Nuria and his sister quickly agreed, and they managed to slip away from their lesson. Wasp told them how he had heard the clan talking about a cougar that had been spotted in the marshes, and suggested a way they could lure it into a trap so the others could kill it. Not seeing the harm in an act of bravery, they decided to go along with the idea. Finding some choice prey from the stock, they set out to find the beast. And it didn't take long, as the trio nearly toppled right on top of it where it rested under a rock overhang. The plan started going well, as the juveniles managed to cover themselves thick with mud, not totally by choice, and slip the bait piece by piece in a rugged and hasty path to the border, each taking turns to scamper back to camp and get another, unnoticed by the other clan cats. At least, they hadn't been noticed, until Nuria himself slipped while placing the next bait.. It had happened quickly, and he gave a cry of alarm, only alerting the cougar more of his presence. He was near helpless, trying to escape as he attempted climbing back up from where he'd fallen, Wasp and Sira doing what they could to help him. But, thank the gods, several cats on patrol also heard to his cry, and rushed to his aid. Just as the cougar was about to lunge they appeared, and held it off before it ran, thinking better of the skirmish. Their clanmates quickly checked Nuria over, and by some miracle he was more in a shock of excitement than anything. They returned safely to the camp. And, while Ria was nearly sick with conflicting worry and relief, Akon was furious after hearing the story. The Kohar managed to contain himself as he rebuked Wasp for nearly killing them, and as a punishment he removed him of his title as heir, announcing that Nuria, instead, would take his place. Nearly as enraged as his father, Wasp argued, and Nuria watched helplessly by his sister and mother as he stormed into the den. After several days passed, Nuria almost begged his father to reverse his punishment, for Wasp seperated himself now from the rest, and he began to realize he was blamed. The last thing he wanted was a sibling rivalry. But what could he do? He would give Wasp his desired space.

Time continued to move forward, and season after season passed. Nuria and his siblings continued to grow, and filled out to be fine young warriors in the clan. Soon enough they were going on patrols and participating in ceremonies. All was going well, and Nuria found himself forgetting the rift between him and his brother, knowing Wasp would have to make the first move for them to truly bond again. When Nuria finally hit three years of age, Akon submitted to him the rank of the Kohar, and retired to the elders. The ceremony was held and the clan gladly accepted him as their new leader. Nuria himself was too overjoyed to notice the dark form of his brother leave the camp..

Several days passed. One morning the new Kohar rise from his den and entered camp to speak with Sira on some valuable changes to territory that could benefit them. Not finding his sister, Nuria started to ask the warriors if they had seen them. They told him that Wasp had taken her with him to go hunting. Finding this strange, what with his brother's distant nature towards them of all cats, Nuria left to find them.
What came at him was a terrifying blur of massive teeth and claws.
He nearly regretted seeing what he saw. Three wolves held a heavily wounded Sira on a ledge, their jaws snapping savagely, terrifying snarls roaring in their throats as they lunged in attempts to get at their prey. Knowing he had to help his sister escape, he did what he could to get the wolves' attention to himself. But before he could do anything, his own brother pinned him to the ground. Nuria was horrified, as realization dawned on him. Because Akon was no longer Kohar, he had no restraint over him. So Wasp had taken his chance to get his revenge and take back his title. 

Before Nuria could get over his shock, Wasp took advantage. It was a matter of life or death. And Nuria had no choice but to fight.
His brother had the upper hand, and knew it. Nuria suffered a torn ear and fatal scar to his hind leg. By now, the sound of chaos had reached the others, and cats quickly arrived to prove their loyalty-- Wasp was hit by Nuria and lost consiousness out of a desperate act to stop him, and the others managed to chase off the wolves, who were surprised by the sudden combat of many teeth and claws. Stricken with panic Nuria looked for his sister.
He had been too late. While trying to defend himself, she had slipped from the ledge, and into the grasp of the blood-lusting wolves. Seeing her lifeless, bloodied form sent a coldness through him, and the coldness shifted inside him, making him sick. As the others took Wasp away and left him, he took her body and buried it himself. He never told anyone where. But when he returned, it was clear something had changed in him. He felt no need to give his brother any more mercy. Because of Wasp's treasonous actions, his sister had died. His own life had nearly been taken. And the knowledge that it happened in the claws of his own brother pained him, almost more than he could stand. He sentenced Wasp to death the next day, and forced himself to watch in silence as the judgement was carried out. He will never allow such an act to happen again, not if he can help it. To this day it still haunts him. But he knew he had to fulfill his duties, so he suppressed what emotion he could and ordered his brother's body left outside the borders. Now, nothing will take the place the Clan of Dawn holds in his heart. 


Group History: 




Father: Akon -deceased-

Mother: Ria -deceased-

Siblings: Wasp -deceased- -brother- | Sira -deceased- -sister-


Mate: None

Offspring: None


Currently looking for a mate?: Yes. He knows he will need an heir at some point.

Sexuality: Straight




Star Stones

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Application made by MikoMan909 


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